In the context of the Hong Kong legal profession, “group practice” is a membership organisation consisting of different firms of solicitors that amalgamate in the sense that they conduct their businesses together under a common name in mutual co-operation by sharing premises, facilities and human resources, while legally remaining as separate practices.


The arrangement is akin to the chamber practice of a number of solicitors’ firms, in parallel with the barristers’ chambers.


Although the “group practice” mechanism was rolled out in the early 2000s, it has not been put to use until recent times. CFN Lawyers and LT Lawyers, who founded the Amalgam Group Practice on 10 February 2021, are proud to be amongst the pioneers who have been approved to put this model into practice.


The Chinese name of the Amalgam Group Practice is “弘元律師聯合執業事務所”. “元” signifies “foremost”, representing the fact that we are amongst the pioneers to adopt the group practice arrangement. This character also carries the meaning of righteousness in a macro setting, which of course calls for propagation(弘揚).


“元”, reading with “Amalgam” in the sense of a union, symbolises the vision and reality that we are collaborating to harness synergies in the challenging surroundings these days towards initiating vitality and opportunity in abundance.